Better Robot, Better Life
About Us

BooCax Technology Co., Ltd. (BooCax) is a national high-tech enterprise with intelligent mobile robots as its core business. Founded in 2014, the company has been focusing on the intelligent robot industry and has been deeply engaged in AI technology and products.Upholding the concept of "Better Robot, Better Life", BooCax is committed to promoting the commercial efficiency in the robotics industry and creating more value for users. BooCax insists on first-class quality and favorable price so that users can enjoy and afford robots.

BooCax continues to invest in research and development, and years of technology accumulation have made our core technology at the forefront of the industry. The company has successively launched a series of robot products such as disinfection robots, handling robots, and indoor delivery robots. It is the technological pioneer and leader of the new generation of intelligent mobile robots in China.

Spray Robot

BooCax BKS-ST-180C atomizing spray robot is designed to purify the air by rapidly atomizing the liquid and automatically spraying the area.

This robot can automatically navigate to the area for full-coverage spraying, and supports mobile App control to achieve man-machine separation and minimize personnel exposure, so that the use safety is greatly improved. With simple structure, it is easy to maintain and manage.

The spray robot is widely applicable to hospitals, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, factories and other public places.

Application Indoor automatic atomizing spray
Appearance size Diameter 530 mm * height 1,340 mm
Spray volume Maximum 3000 ml/h (adjustable)
Spray rate 2~3L
Tank volume 16L
Spray diameter ≤6m
Charging mode Auto-charge
Movement mode Autonomous path planning and auto-navigation
UV Robot

BooCax UVRobot, based on mobile robot platform, is equipped with professional UV disinfection module, which can replace operators to enter confined spaces such as dangerous areas, public areas and inaccessible areas to quickly kill pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, spore fungi, germs, etc., and thoroughly disinfect indoor air and articles without dead angle.

UVRobot adopts teaching type automatic mapping, autonomous navigation, automatic path planning, automatic charging and automatic return for charge at low battery, thus realizing one-stop unattended disinfection management.

Application scenes Hospitals, hotel halls, restaurants, residential corridors and office buildings
Appearance size Diameter 530 mm * height 1,375 mm
UV lamp wavelength 254nm
Qty. of UV lamp tubes 10
Cumulative light intensity 1500μw/cm2
Spray diameter ≤6m
Charging mode Auto-charge
Movement mode Autonomous path planning and auto-navigation
Indoor Delivery Robot

This robot is designed for indoor delivery environment,which embedded Boocax’s high-resolution SLAM engine for navigation and position. The laser and 3D-camera bring better capacity for the robot of obstacle-avoidance. The sensor-bar around the robot will detecting and stop the robot when collision occurred.

Application scenes Indoor delivery
Appearance size Diameter 430 mm * height 500 mm
Robot weight 18 kg
Cargo hold volume 30L
Speed 1.0 m/s
Networks Wifi / 4G
Charging mode Auto-charge
Safety Laser+3D camera+Voice playback+LED bar